Enjoying the adventure of life together.: A new Satire(sort of) to us on our 56th Birthday

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

A new Satire(sort of) to us on our 56th Birthday

And so they say we are 56 years old today as a country.We look at them incredulously and wonder in our minds if there is wrong maths at work.Ah!But the date is really 6th March 1957 oo.So the maths is right.Maybe the principles of maths need to be put aside in this case.After all,the principles of Biology and Psychology have not been considered here.In Biology,there can be stunted growth and so someone claiming to be 30 could look 10 years old.In Psychology,some adults never mature in their thinking past the age of a child due to whatever factor.So I am definitely thinking that Biology and Psychology makes more sense in this case.Image
Not to say of course that we are stunted or immature.Far be it from me to say so.I mean,we do still have issues with water,healthcare and electricity while a country like Malaysia born in the same year as we were is almost totally free of such issues but who's comparing?Its not like we have any kind of natural resources or human capital like they do..oh wait I think we do.Hmm..maybe our parents were just different from theirs..aahh..looks like we were both British colonised.
Oh well.Who's counting?If nothing else we are most definitely very mature.We did pay someone $1 million to get on stage,cuss and promote weed(and get arrested for it) on our independence day while millions of us didn't have clean water or health care but hey..its not every day you turn 56 and launch a big project.Its very important to relax too!That's not immature at all.We're good.The Math is right and the Biology and Psychology must be wrong.After all,who's looking?
So Happy birthday to us!We definitely look and behave 56!