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Thursday, February 7, 2013

In Memoriam:Let's agree to disagree

Let's agree to disagree was our friend,a father,a brother,a sister,faithful companion and most of all,a keeper of the peace.There was once a time when most arguments would end with this name.No matter what the source of the debate was,it would end whenever this name was mentioned.6182
Over the course of the years,we slowly began to forget about the existence of this fine statement and have finally reached the all or nothing point.What happened to us?When did it become wrong for people to share opposing views?I thought we had finally agreed that diversity is the spice of life.Unfortunately,it appears that the current world view prefers only a certain kind of diversity.
I refer to the new perception emerging that having conservative opinions about anything makes you intolerant and evil.It is now a huge plus for you to you agree with everyone about their lifestyle choices,their religious choices and beliefs and whatever else they choose to come up with.If you don't agree with them you are intolerant and unaccepting of other people.I wonder if it has occurred to those carrying this mindset that they are also being intolerant and unaccepting in attempting to force their opinions on everyone else.
I personally try my best not to judge anyone for whatever or however they choose to live their lives,because its their lives.All I can do is be a friend and try to show the love that I myself have been shown by God,and I most definitely will not force my beliefs down your throat or expect you to agree with me.All I ask is that you show me the same kind of consideration and not try to force me to agree with your beliefs.And yes,that includes trying to force it down my throat and the throats of my children through seemingly harmless TV programs and cartoons.
I mourn the death Of Let's agree to disagree,because we wouldn't be in this stand-off if he were still here.Rest Not In Peace,because I am hoping that you will be resurrected soon,and we will all dwell together in harmony once again.