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Monday, March 18, 2013

Progress and Development..the real story!

So I forgot to post this last week and decided to do that today.I have been thinking for some time what development or progress is as defined to us and if it truly is progress or development.I know this may seem confusing to some of you so let me try and give an example.
When the World bank gives a GDP for Ghana for example and says Ghana is now a lower middle income country,we usually rejoice and say we are now developing.But let's actually take a look at the situation on the ground and then make that decision for ourselves.This is what I mean.
There are two sides to this coin.The first is a predefined notion of what development in a country is supposed to be when cultural and situational differences determine this.A clear example of this is the setting of a global minimum wage when truthfully,that minimum wage is like 3 times what people in certain nations need for their basic needs to be met.Please note,I didn't say Ghana(lol).

The other side of the coin which concerns me more is the by effect of this so called development.I consider how lifestyles change and the environment is destroyed all in the quest for development and I question if it is true development.We cut down all of our trees to build skyscrapers,begin using fertilizers and pesticides because that's what development is supposed to be,drive cars that emit CFCs into the atmosphere leading to global warming and perhaps most importantly eat ourselves to death.Is this really a price we are willing to pay to say we are now a developed nation?Most developed countries have an epidemic of obesity,Type 2 diabetes and a host of other lifestyle related diseases that a change in lifestyle caused by so called development has brought.They fight  every day trying to fix this but its almost impossible.
We were purely organic farmers in Ghana.Now because of 'progress' and population explosion,we are now eating food grown with chemicals that are killing the farmers applying them to the crops.In a time when people in the 'developed' world are beginning to realise that organic food is best and are actually returning to it,is it true development to just follow in their footsteps?
This is something that we all have to think about.There are far reaching consequences of trying to model our country after the 'developed' world just because we accept blindly that they are developed.Our MPs now demand that we pay them exorbitant salaries simply because Kenya pays their MPs more.Really?When did Kenya become the standard of what we want Ghana to be?Isn't this just ridiculous?After all,don't you agree that people walking the streets of hot Accra in winter jackets is ridiculous?
We do this not just with our economic affairs but with our family and cultural habits.We are modeling our marriages after those in countries that we consider developed, modeling our families after theirs, even dressing more like them than us.Do we really want to go down the same path people have gone and failed?If we're really learning from them why can't we see that they have realised the way they do stuff needs to change?Do we need the divorce rates in our country to reach the level of that in the 'developed' world before we start to question if their methods really work for us?These are just a few examples.Maybe we need to stop copying blindly and start deciding what development and progress truly is in our own country.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Progress and development?Really?

First of all,I am super excited because with just 4 more views  this blog will hit 27,000 views!Whoo-hooo!That's awesome!I never thought this blog could come this far so I am really grateful especially to the members of the blog who subscribed but also to all of you for coming back to read this stuff.I hope I've been able to make a difference in someone's life somehow,whether with a smile or thought provoking stuff or anything really.Thanks for the support!
In celebration of an anticipated 30,000 views in the next month(I know its possible cos you're gonna share this right?..:D) I am going to do two things.
1.I want to help any upcoming blogger who needs traffic for their site.All you have to do is comment on this post with your name and blog address,subscribe to the blog if you haven't already and share this post on Facebook,twitter,Google plus and wherever else you want.Sharing already gets you traffic because people will be clicking on your link in the comment box,but also I will do a special feature series on the blogs that get submitted and that should get you some traffic too.
2.Secondly,you guys get to choose what you want me to write on in April.This will be a Reader's choice month so I will write on whatever subject will be the most popularly requested.To make a suggestion just put it in the comment box and I will read it.If you see someone's suggestion and you want me to do that one simply copy and paste it and comment.Pretty simple right?

Also,I started another blog specifically for hair stuff yesterday so I guess you're the first to know about it.Its called Ghana Hair Chick.Check it out if you like pictures of hairstyles,need help with your own hair or want to share your own hair story and advice with others.I also do have another blog dedicated solely to the wandering thoughts and most of my interests.Its more personal and I usually update it with stuff I'm doing in school,food and travelling stuff and just plain inspiration and truth.I like to keep my stuff short so you should enjoy that too.I guess that's enough talking about me.And it looks like I forgot to talk about the actual reason for the blog post title.Oh well!Another time.Till then,stay blessed!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A new Satire(sort of) to us on our 56th Birthday

And so they say we are 56 years old today as a country.We look at them incredulously and wonder in our minds if there is wrong maths at work.Ah!But the date is really 6th March 1957 oo.So the maths is right.Maybe the principles of maths need to be put aside in this case.After all,the principles of Biology and Psychology have not been considered here.In Biology,there can be stunted growth and so someone claiming to be 30 could look 10 years old.In Psychology,some adults never mature in their thinking past the age of a child due to whatever factor.So I am definitely thinking that Biology and Psychology makes more sense in this case.Image
Not to say of course that we are stunted or immature.Far be it from me to say so.I mean,we do still have issues with water,healthcare and electricity while a country like Malaysia born in the same year as we were is almost totally free of such issues but who's comparing?Its not like we have any kind of natural resources or human capital like they do..oh wait I think we do.Hmm..maybe our parents were just different from theirs..aahh..looks like we were both British colonised.
Oh well.Who's counting?If nothing else we are most definitely very mature.We did pay someone $1 million to get on stage,cuss and promote weed(and get arrested for it) on our independence day while millions of us didn't have clean water or health care but hey..its not every day you turn 56 and launch a big project.Its very important to relax too!That's not immature at all.We're good.The Math is right and the Biology and Psychology must be wrong.After all,who's looking?
So Happy birthday to us!We definitely look and behave 56!