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Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Order of Business...

Hi.Welcome to my blog.My name is Yvonne and this blog is like the proverbial horse where wishes are concerned.I will post on what I think I would like to do if I were the President of Ghana for just one day.I mean His Excellency John Evans Atta Mills is doing well but with me in charge we will do great!This blog is not for partisan politics but pure politics.I am letting my imagination run wild on all kinds of issues from the 'big' ones to the seemingly unimportant ones.So join me.Imagine with me, if you will,Ghana..........

Yeah,yeah,yeah I know that we have pregnant women around but seriously I doubt the TroTro driver I saw doing it this morning(and messing with my ability to enjoy a seriously powerful breakfast)is pregnant.I mean come on HE WAS A MAN!Wait I don't think I have told everybody that story(well maybe a few Ejobs Africa trainees).I was going from Anloga Junction(in Kumasi) to Asokwa(ALSO in Kumasi) with a taxi.I was having a chat with one of my team members in Dynapharm(we will talk about it later) and enjoying it tremendously too.It was about making money with Dynapharm so it was quite interesting.
So there I was at the back of the taxi talking with my friend and something stopped me mid sentence.There was a grown man driving a trotro in front of the taxi and he just cleared his throat, opened his mouth and sent a nice sputum sample(as my Practical lecturer will say) straight onto the street.I just froze(seriously) and then I went like 'Hey he can't do...'.
Before the sentence ended another went splat a few feet away from the first.I just stopped, staring into the back of the driver's head hoping he would turn around but he didn't.I wished there and then that there was a law against public spitting in Ghana.I mean we can't have people going round destroying hard earned appetites(it is not easy to work up an appetite you know!) and marketing all sorts of disease germs to others(free of charge I might add).
I mean at least if they are going to market their sputum and all the probable germs in it on the streets( we are fighting to make nice) then shouldn't they pay some advertising fee or something like that?What do you guys think?