Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alternative sources of Income in Ghana

So you have gone to school,completed your tertiary education or you are acquiring a higher qualification.Or maybe you are working for someone and receiving an income.Either way you have needs that seem to surpass the income you get.Maybe you are looking for a job but you don't seem to be getting any offers(or the ones you are getting are not the ones you want).I have got great news for you.You don't have to keep looking for that job anymore!How?I hear you asking.Well I am going to be disclosing this to you in my next series of posts(unless I happen to meet a corrupt policeman or something like that!).
Today I am going to try and help you understand that it is possible to make money from home or run your own business with very low capital and great returns every month(or weekly,daily,...it depends on you!).
The first alternative source of income I am going to dwell on is working online.Did somebody just ask how it is possible to work online?It is very possible.I have been doing that for a few weeks now and it really is true.You can get a job as a freelancer online and get paid for whatever you do.Browsing,face booking,checking mail......it is your choice.I know some of you are finding this difficult to believe but it is very true.If you would like more information about working online send me an email or leave a comment on this blog.You can also check out www.ejobsafrica.com for more information(free!).
Online freelancing(or elancing) is a great legitimate way of making good money but it falls under the category of active income in the cash flow quadrant.This is a concept that was given by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad,Poor Dad fame.If you don't have too much information about the cash flow quadrant then don,t worry I am about to explain it to you.The simple diagram below summarises it for you.
Okay if that was too complicated I am going to try and explain in my next post.Till then don't forget....