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Alternative sources of Income

So you have gone to school,completed your tertiary education or you are acquiring a higher qualification.Or maybe you are working for some...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alternative sources of Income

So you have gone to school,completed your tertiary education or you are acquiring a higher qualification.Or maybe you are working for someone and receiving an income.Either way you have needs that seem to surpass the income you get.Maybe you are looking for a job but you don't seem to be getting any offers(or the ones you are getting are not the ones you want).I have got great news for you.You don't have to keep looking for that job anymore!How?I hear you asking.Well, I am going to be disclosing this to you in my next series of posts(unless I happen to meet a corrupt policeman or something like that!).
Today I am going to try and help you understand that it is possible to make money from home or run your own business with very low capital and great returns every month(or weekly, daily,...it depends on you!).
The first alternative source of income I am going to dwell on is working online.Did somebody just ask how it is possible to work online?It is very possible.I have been doing that for a while now and it really is true.You can get a job as a freelance affiliate marketer online and get paid for whatever you do. Browsing, face booking, checking mail......it is your choice.
If you would like more information about working online send me an email or leave a comment on this blog.
Online freelancing(or elancing) is a great legitimate way of making good money but it falls under the category of active income in the cash flow quadrant.This is a concept that was given by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame.If you don't have too much information about the cash flow quadrant then don't worry I am about to explain it to you.The simple diagram below summarises it for you.

Most millionaires or financially comfortable people make their money from passive income, however, so active income online is only going to take you so far. What if I told you-you could make both active and passive income online?

I know some of you are finding this difficult to believe but it is very true. In this day and age, instead of spending all your time online just hanging out, what if some of that time could get you some income? And what if I told you that it doesn't involve multi-level marketing, buying products or selling to friends?
 The system I currently use is a combination of several offers to maximise my passive income earning capabilities.
In order to determine which of the tried and tested offers you want to use, some self-evaluation is required. Opportunity one is a done for you affiliate marketing system while opportunity 2 doesn't require you to sell anything. You will invest money and get an interest daily. I use both because I earn money with affiliate marketing that I can invest for good returns in opportunity 2.

Opportunity 1: Affiliate marketing
An affiliate marketer is paid to promote a product or service. You will be paid a fixed commision to promote a product or service to others. This option is great for those who want to own their own business without actually making a product or keeping inventory. There are many ways to earn an income as an affiliate marketer, but getting started can be overwhelming. That's why I have done the research and tried several systems in order to find the best ones for beginners. I recommend going here to find out more about what system I recommend for complete newbies. This system provides you with website templates, email manager, autoresponder series, follow up, hosting and training on exactly how you can make an income as an affiliate marketer.

Opportunity 2: Invest and reap returns passively
After making a little money in opportunity 1, I invest my earnings here. My reason is simple. Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing financial market instruments and are creating millionaires daily. Instead of leaving my money to sit unused, I invest some of it monthly in this system and earn a guaranteed interest rate every day. Its low risk and I can take out my earnings whenever I want. This system is completely FREE to use. Learn more about it here and sign up for your free account if you want to join our team and learn how to retire from your job in less than a year. We will help you start and show you how we're doing it.

If you want to do both of these, like me, just enter your email address and I will be in touch with instructions and help.
Bonus offer: If you sign up for both, I will pay you a bonus once you get your first investment set up. This offer is limited to the first 10 people so hurry! Click here and just enter your email.