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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Progress and development?Really?

First of all,I am super excited because with just 4 more views  this blog will hit 27,000 views!Whoo-hooo!That's awesome!I never thought this blog could come this far so I am really grateful especially to the members of the blog who subscribed but also to all of you for coming back to read this stuff.I hope I've been able to make a difference in someone's life somehow,whether with a smile or thought provoking stuff or anything really.Thanks for the support!
In celebration of an anticipated 30,000 views in the next month(I know its possible cos you're gonna share this right?..:D) I am going to do two things.
1.I want to help any upcoming blogger who needs traffic for their site.All you have to do is comment on this post with your name and blog address,subscribe to the blog if you haven't already and share this post on Facebook,twitter,Google plus and wherever else you want.Sharing already gets you traffic because people will be clicking on your link in the comment box,but also I will do a special feature series on the blogs that get submitted and that should get you some traffic too.
2.Secondly,you guys get to choose what you want me to write on in April.This will be a Reader's choice month so I will write on whatever subject will be the most popularly requested.To make a suggestion just put it in the comment box and I will read it.If you see someone's suggestion and you want me to do that one simply copy and paste it and comment.Pretty simple right?

Also,I started another blog specifically for hair stuff yesterday so I guess you're the first to know about it.Its called Ghana Hair Chick.Check it out if you like pictures of hairstyles,need help with your own hair or want to share your own hair story and advice with others.I also do have another blog dedicated solely to the wandering thoughts and most of my interests.Its more personal and I usually update it with stuff I'm doing in school,food and travelling stuff and just plain inspiration and truth.I like to keep my stuff short so you should enjoy that too.I guess that's enough talking about me.And it looks like I forgot to talk about the actual reason for the blog post title.Oh well!Another time.Till then,stay blessed!