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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Studies,travelling,food and such

I have been conspicuously absent!Wow!Its been months since my last post and so I am sure some of you are tired of waiting for a new post!Well,here it is!
I have decided to write on something I'm sure a lot of you are interested in knowing more about:studying outside your home country.First though,before you get excited and start looking for links to scholarships,please take a minute to ask yourself a few questions.Top of the list would be what your plans/dreams for your life are.Depending on your answer you may not need to read any further because you may not need to undertake further education in certain areas.For example,if you want to be a businessman and you already have an MBA you may not need to do a PhD because a PhD is more or less an academic degree.If you don't plan to stay in academia or the research department of a big company, a PhD may not be for you.
The next question would be what you wanna study and for how long.That would determine which country you should pick because let's face it,some countries are better at certain programs than others.Also,your choice of country would depend on your personal ability to adjust to strange environments,source of funding and your need to have friends or family around.If for instance you have a difficulty in really cold environments,a Norwegian education may be particularly difficult for you.Also,if you can't live without buying food and your stomach revolts at every new dish, you probably need to go to a country that has a similar cuisine to your home country.
Just in case you have no preferences, you should consider how your choice of country will affect your future plans.If you want to live in a particular country for the rest of your life,it might be easier to go to school in that country since getting a job after that would be easier than moving from another country.

All the above being settled,the next question would be how do you plan to fund your studies?For an answer to that question,join me for part 2 of this article soon.Till then,have a fabulous day!