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Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Grass is not always greener on the other side

Once upon a time there lived a farmer with his wife and children on his own land.He had a plow and an old ox that he would use to prepare his land for farming.He wasn’t rich but he was content because he had all he needed.Then one day an old priest passing through his farm told him the story of how beautiful diamonds were being found all over the world in India,South Africa,Spain and all kinds of other places.Men were picking up these diamonds and selling them to become wealthy.That night this farmer could not sleep just imagining all the diamonds he could sell and the money to be made.The next day he decided to go look for some of these diamonds in India.He sold all his land and property to another farmer,gave some money to his family and told them he would be back with lots of money.He set off,went to India,then to South Africa,then Spain,and all kinds of places,just searching for diamonds.He never did find them,and was poor,old,wretched and tired.One day he simply jumped into the sea and drowned.
Meanwhile the other farmer who bought his property was plowing one day with the same plow and ox the previous owner had used when he noticed this black shiny rock.He picked it up and noticed how a rainbow of colors seemed to be literally caught in it.He was so taken with it that he took it into his house and set it on his mantle.A few days later this old priest passing through again went to visit the new owner and saw the rock on his mantle.He asked the farmer where he got it and he said they were just lying around his farm.That old priest used to be a jeweller,and he saw that that rock was a diamond.He went out with the farmer and walked the land,and there were just acres and acres of these rocks.This is the story of the mines of Golconda,the richest diamond find in history.
The previous farmer had been walking all over the diamonds in his own backyard but lost his life chasing diamonds in exotic countries.If the grass looks greener on the other side,fertilise and water your side!No need to go chasing diamonds when they are right in your own home!-Culled from Russel Conway’s Acres of Diamonds by Yvonne Nyavor.
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