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Friday, June 28, 2013

What's all the fuss about reading?

In my previous post on educated illiterates,I touched briefly on our role in our own education,especially when the educational system isn't designed to teach us the many things we need to actually be productive and successful.One of the most important ways we can do this is simply by reading.

It is recommended that we read at least everyday.However,if I were to do a brief survey I wonder what your answer will be?Why don't we find out? There's a short survey below.You can select multiple answers.It will only take 5 seconds and will help you to think about your reading habits carefully.

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Now that you're done,why do you think you don't read if you don't read?Why do you read if you do read?I know that a lot of people will say that reading is no longer fun because the schools made it compulsory,and by definition,just a school activity.Therefore once we finish school,we start to think there's no need to read.But that's where you're wrong!Reading is one of the single most important determinants of how much you know.I know you may think that knowing stuff isn't important,but if the stuff you know is related to your success in life,then you need to know.For example,nobody will teach you how to write a statement of purpose or motivation.If you don't read,you will always write a sub-standard statement.Besides,knowledge is never a bad thing.You never know when that tip you read for instantly banishing a back ache will come in handy.Besides,aren't you tired of hearing this snide remark about hiding information from an African in a book?Reading stimulates your brain far more than music or video does.When you read a book,especially fiction,you are forced to picture what you read in your mind along with the dialogue that goes on.When you watch a movie its all just there.There's no need for you to use your imagination and you use less of your brain capacity.Next time you're told to be more creative or imaginative,maybe you need to find a good book,get some juice or water and start reading it.Reading opens up your mind to a world of possibilities far beyond what you can see,touch or smell.You learn to use your most powerful resource,your mind,to create a world where everything is possible.Because of this in 'real life' you are likely to be more open to ideas and be more creative with your solutions.You will be more likely to be the one trying new things because you're more adventurous and see less limitations than those who do not read.If you want to be more analytical,reading a simple mystery book and trying to solve it on your own is a great way to improve your analytical thinking.Reading helps to improve your memory,because you have to retain what you read in a previous chapter,the characters or the main points of what you're reading,the background and all other stuff in order to keep going and for the book to make sense.That requires memory.And let's not forget the vocabulary!Your ability to express yourself will improve dramatically if you would just read some good material more often.So if you are having a problem with public speaking or with asking a girl out(lol) go read a good book!For those that want to be writers,no good writer exists that does not read a lot.Thats how you learn what style of writing to use,which one you're good at and enjoy and of course just the words to write.If you want to write but do not read,you aren't going anywhere my friend.Just read!Of course I saved the best for last.Reading is FUN!Its relaxing,relieves stress and helps to keep you at rest.I know some of you don't believe me,but try it.Get a really good book on a rainy night,curl up under some blankets, and just stay up reading with some hot cocoa or tea or juice or whatever.Its entirely up to you,but trust me,it is one of the most enjoyable things you'll ever do.I hope a non-reader is going to become a reader because of this post.If your education hasn't taught you everything,you can still learn a lot.Just get of Facebook for a while or stop that game or movie and read!Need I say more?