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Friday, March 4, 2011

Garbage In, Garbage.......?

(Cartoon by Rob Rogers, originally published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Two guys(Kofi and Kwaku) were walking along one day when they came across a big pit in the middle of the path they were taking.They stopped and looked curiously at each other, wondering what it was doing there.Suddenly, a genie appeared and said, 'I am here to grant one wish to each of you.All you have to do is jump in the pit and say what you want as you jump and it will be yours'.The guys were a little skeptical but decided to give it a try. Kofi took the first turn.He went back a safe distance, came running at full speed and jumped into the pit, shouting 'Gold!' as he jumped.Instantly the pit was filled with Gold and Kofi was a rich man.Now it was Kwaku's turn and he smiled excitedly, knowing exactly what he was gonna ask for.He went back a little distance and began running towards the pit.However, he failed to notice a rock embedded in the way and just as he was about to jump he stumbled.Hence the one thing he shouted when he jumped was....?Can you guess?If it were you what would the word be if suddenly, out of nowhere, you stumbled while on your way to attaining your dream?What is the first word out of your mouth when something unexpected and bad, in your opinion, happens suddenly?Well, like most of us, Kwaku said 'Shit!' just as he jumped because he stumbled, and the big pit was filled to the top with,well,shit!(sorry to use such language).
So what is the moral of this story?Well first off when you see a pit in your way it is not necessarily bad news.You could get a genie!
But seriously, I told this story because it illustrates so well the principle that we should be careful what we say because we just might get it. But you know what we say is a direct result of what we listen to, read and watch?
That means if you watch a lot of stuff with cussing and swearing(all the s and f words you can think about) you end up cussing and swearing.In computer language, garbage in, garbage out.
So you are walking along and stumble and you are likely to say 'S**t'.You are going to get what you say, so feed your thoughts with the right things.That way you can still shout 'Gold!" when you stumble.After all, you don't want to end up in a giant pit full of poop, do you?