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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Of Men and Women...

Who out there thinks that this title is puzzling?Well, it is in reference to a classic book written by John Steinbeck titled 'Of Mice and Men'.I made that reference because the story strikes me as being representative of the human condition in a certain way.Mr.Steinbeck took his title from Robert Burns's poem "To a Mouse", which read: "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft agley." (The best laid schemes of mice and men / Go oft awry.)In this story,we meet two men who are willing to overcome all odds in order to realise their dream of owning their own farm.
Regardless of who we are or what we have done,every person needs to work through life,facing the challenges that come along with the courage and perseverance that is needed to make it.Thankfully,courage is a character trait that can be acquired or learnt even when we do not possess it as a normal part of ourselves.
Courage sees a mountain in the way of attaining a dream as just a hurdle to be jumped and goes right ahead to do just that-jump it!A person with courage recognises that there will always be obstacles in his/her way but chooses to go that way anyway!A person with courage is willing to take a risk knowing that life in itself is a risky business and in order to succeed,you have to take a risk.
Persistence is that ability which refuses to give up even when all seems lost.There are times when it seems like our dreams are just within reach, but then something happens that seems to just push us away from reaching out and grabbing them.If we lack persistence at this point,we are likely to just give up and then console ourselves with the thought that we almost had it.Almost,however,is not the same as actually doing it,and we find out later that if we had only waited just a little bit longer,our dreams would be realities.
I meet a lot of people everyday who say that they wish they had their own businesses or their own houses,cars and so on.It is all well and good to wish,but there are practical things that we can do to turn those wishes into dreams and those dreams into reality.However the road to achieving those dreams is often paved with stumbling blocks and obstacles.Are you willing to face them with courage and perseverance?